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User Portal

User Login

Register for a Class

Classes are listed on our Training Calendar. A username and password are required to register for classes. Please create a profile, and then log in to register.

All students who took a class before July 1, 2013, have been assigned a username and temporary password. Please call our office and request your username and password.

Forgot your password? Retrieve your password.
Privacy Policy

Become a DRC Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in Disaster Response Communications, a Christian disaster response organization. We offer training in Emergency Communications, Chaplaincy, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), and Preparedness that are of interest to Emergency Communications Volunteers, Responders, Emergency Service Chaplains, Churches, and Christian Laity who want to care for those who were impacted by disasters.

All volunteers must agree with our Faith and Commitment Statements and successfully complete a background check.

If you do not have a Profile and want to become a DRC volunteer, please create a profile. After you have provided the required information and submitted it, log out and then log back in. When you log in, click the "I want to become a DRC volunteer" link on your Profile page.

If you have a Profile, please login and then click the "I want to become a DRC volunteer" link on your Profile page.

All volunteers will need to:

  1. provide the requested information on your volunteer profile page
  2. print, complete, and send the Background Check Consent Form to DRC
  3. pay for and provide the information to run your background check

Church Registration

We encourage churches to register so their congregations can be trained BEFORE a disaster. Complete our registration form today! Someone will contact you to discuss training opportunities and the ways DRC can help prepare your church to serve.

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